Welcome to the Headframe website.  This website is about U.S. Mining scripophily and mining history.  In this section, we will attempt to answer some basic questions such as:

What is scripophily?

The Highland Chief Con. Mining Co. operated near Leadville, Co.

Scripophily is the collection and study of old stocks and bonds.  It has been recognized as a hobby since around 1970.  Scripophily is closely connected to corporate histories.  Mining scripophily is closely associated with the history of the mining industry.  Wikipedia has a good introductory article on scripophily which answer basic questions about the hobby.

How much are old stock certificates worth?  

The value of old stock certificates is highly variable.   An old stock certificate, including mining stock certificates, may be purchased for less than a dollar others sell for thousands of dollars.   Prices are basically set by laws of supply and demand.  Supply is basically a function of the number of certificates available.   Larger companies typically printed more certificates.  Demand is a function of collector interest.  Collectors are very interested certificates from famous mining districts such as the Cripple Creek mining district of Colorado and the Copper Country of Michigan.  Each state and mining district has its own supply and demand parameters.

Does my old stock certificate still have commercial value? 

Most old stock certificates are canceled and have no commercial value.  An un-cancelled certificate may mean that the original owner may have passed away before the company west out of business.  In cases of uncertainty, consult an expert.

Old mining stocks and bonds may be purchased at fairly low prices.

Why mining only and why U.S. only?

There are a number of good scripophily websites and Facebook pages.  Some have a specific focus others are general.  We try to cover one thing only and cover it well –there is simply too much out there to cover.  Similarly the focus on U.S. mining is due to the fact that this is what we know well.  We will let enthusiasts in other countries cover their own industries.

The American Eagle is a popular vignette on U.S. stock and bond certificates