Welcome to the Headframe website.  We hope that you will enjoy your visit.


The purpose of this website is the enjoyment U.S. mining stock certificates and mining history.  The field of collecting stock certificates, bonds and related paper is termed scripophily.

A mining stock certificate with a vignette of a mining scene

Our Name:  

A headframe is structure at the top of a mine shaft.

The headframe of a developing mine

Our Focus:

The focus of this website is U.S. mining stock certificates and mining history.  We will attempt to present an overview U.S. mining and associated stock certificates.  Due to this broad focus, not all mining districts or minerals will be covered.  In addition, the stock certificates presented will be of the more common varieties.


We encourage communication.  However, comments about persons in politics, or public policy will not be posted.  Please keep communications concise and focused on either mining history or scripophily.


Mining sites are fascinating but also very dangerous.  Only visit mines that are tourist attractions.  In all other situations: STAY OUT-STAY ALIVE.

Our Website:

The following are elements of the website:

  • New – This section provides a brief introduction to U.S. mining history and scripophily. Some basic questions are answered.
  • Journal – The Mining Scripophily Journal is the dynamic page of the website. The website administrator will be sharing personal thoughts, opinions, and experiences.
  • Articles – The articles will focus on primarily on mining history and scripophily.
  • Galleries – Galleries will present stock certificates on a geographical basis. The arrangement will be by region then state and mining district.  There will be brief histories of the district and pointers offered for further research.
  • Resources – Resources will include timelines for mining history research, a glossary of mining terms, a glossary of scripophily terms, and information concerning research materials.


The website is still in the development stage and is being updated on a continual basis.  Some of the updates are minor.  These include correcting spelling and typographical errors.  Other updates are significant.  These include rearrangement of materials and format.


Jim serves as the administrator for this website.  The initial content of the website was developed by the administrator, who was assisted by a number of others.  As time progresses, others will be contributing to the website.   Jim’s degree is in geological engineering from Michigan Technological University situated in the Copper Country of Michigan.  His PE is in the field of civil engineering and a Certified Floodplain Manager.  He specializes in stormwater management and floodplain management.

Facebook:  The administrator is the manager for the Facebook pages Mining Stock Certificates / Scripophily, Mining.

Contact the Administrator:

Feel free to email the administrator on the contact me page if you would like to comment.  You may also post comments of the Mining Stock Certificates / Scripophily, Mining Facebook page.