Butte, Montana is a fascinating city that is associated with mining and western history.  Anaconda has long controlled mining at Butte.

Notes on collecting:

Anaconda certificates are common and easily obtained.  North Butte certificates are also very common.  Parrot Certificates are also common.  Early certificates from the Moulton, early silver mine are available in several varieties.  Those signed by William A. Clark are of particular interest.  Certificates from the Original Butte are also seen fairly frequently.  However, the certificates from the mines of the per-Amalgamated companies seem non-existent.

There were a number of small independent companies that operated in the district.  These certificates appear fairly frequently.

As a result Butte might be considered a moderate supply / moderate demand location for collecting purposes.  Prices are somewhat variable and it would be a good idea to study the market prior to making a purchase.

Beginning our Journey … looking back…

We will first at the recent certificates from the Anaconda the company that ended up owning virtually everything at Butte.  We will then take a look at the North Butte, some independent companies, and finally, we will look at the earlier certificates.


This is the most recent style of Anaconda certificate. It dates from 1976.


The 1959 certificate features the reduction works at Anaconda with a focus on the famous STACK – which is still preserved. 

This earlier certificate shows the reduction works in great detail. The STACK is faintly show at the upper right.
The vignette shows the extent of the reduction works better than any photograph.

To be continued….