Montana has 54 gold producing districts per USGS Professional Publication 610 (PP 610) most of these districts are located in the southwesterly quadrant of the State.  This gallery is arranged alphabetically by county.

Notes on collecting:

Early certificates are not common and are easily obtained.  Few have much knowledge of Montana mining beyond Butte.  In comparison, the mining districts of Colorado and Nevada are well known.

As a result Montana might be considered a moderate supply / moderate demand location for collecting purposes.  Prices are somewhat variable and it would be a good idea to study the market prior to making a purchase.

Beginning our Journey … by County

Cascade County

Cascade County is located in central Montana and the principal city is Great Falls, the second largest city in the state.  The principal metal mining district is the Montana (Niheart) District.  The district is located in the Little Belt Mountains in the southeast portion of the County.  Rich silver ore was discovered in 1881.  The district produced large quantities of silver and lead, some copper and zinc, gold was a byproduct.

The Neihart Tunnel and Mining Co. was issued. However, it is still interesting.

Mineral County

Mineral County is located on the western border of Montana and the county seat is the town of Superior.  The Bitter Root Mountains in the western portion of the county form a border with the State of Idaho.  Gold was mined in the Cedar Creek-Trout Creek District.

The Ambassador Mines Corporation was an operator in Mineral County.

Park County

Mineral County is located on the southerly border of Montana and is near Yellowstone National Park.  The county seat is the City of Livingston, Mt.  Placer gold was discovered in 1862.

The Eastern Montana Mining and Smelting Company was an early operator in the Cooke City District.

 Stillwater County

Mineral County is located on the southern Montana.  The County seat is the town of Columbus, MT.  The Stillwater Complex is a 40 mile long belt of ultra-mafic rocks named after the County.  These rocks have produced chromite.  The Stillwater Mining Company has two palladium and platinum mines in the complex and a refinery at Columbus.

The American Chrome Company mined chrome in the Stillwater Complex.


To be continued….