This Gallery covers Nye County, NV.  The focus of the gallery is Tonopah, but other districts in Nye County are also covered.

Tonopah, Nevada is one of the best known mining towns in Nevada.  Silver was discovered in 1900 and was the primary mineral mined.  However, gold was significant; USGS Professional Publication 610 lists gold production for Tonopah to be 1.8 million ounces to 1959.

Other significant gold producing districts in Nye County include the Bullfrog District (0.12 million oz. to 1959), the Manhattan District (0.49 oz. to 1959) and the Round Mountain District (0.53 million oz. to 1959).

Tonopah, the Town:

Tonopah, Nevada is the seat of Nye County, Nevada.  The present population is approximately 2,500.

Notes on researching:

Google Books has a very helpful reference titled The Fifty Years of Mining at Tonopah, 1900 -1950 (50 Years). Unfortunately, significant portions of the book which deal with the early history of the district are missing; however, it is still an outstanding reference.  Various versions of the Mines Register have helpful information.  The 1931 Mines Handbook has more useful information.  However, the corporate structures of the mining companies are highly complex due to mergers, spin-offs, and reorganizations.

This is a 1924 property map excerpted from 50 Years.
This is the recorded production from Appendix A of (50 years)
Major Company Performance (from 50years)


Notes on collecting:

Stock certificates from the district are fairly common.  In addition to the major companies, there were many smaller companies and reorganizations.  Tonopah might be considered a high supply / high demand location for collecting purposes.  Prices are typically on the lower end.

We Begin our Journey … with a look at the major producers …

Appendix A of The Fifty Years of Mining at Tonopah, 1900 -1950 provides a tabulation of the total production of the district; there is also a tabulation of the production and years of activity for various mines.  The dividends paid by various companies are often listed in the text, but there is no tabulation.

The Tonopah Mining Company of Nevada was the # 1 producer of the district. Over 17 million in dividends were paid out.
The Tonopah Belmont Development Corporation was the #2 operator. The company paid over $10 million in dividends.


The Tonopah Extension was the #3 producer. It paid $3.9 in dividends.



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