The U.S. Mining Scripophily and History Journal

March 2017, Volume 1 No. 3

The Stock and Bond Show … still recovering

This Stock and Bond Show is a pleasant memory I am looking forward to next year’s event.  I have been researching my purchases.  The website is taking time to develop.  A lot of the images that I used for Facebook were photographed rather than scanned and are unsuitable for this website.  The scanning of images takes time as does the writing.  It is all enjoyable but slow.   The plan will be to introduce one article and gallery per month.  The galleries will initially have only a few certificates.  Once all the galleries have been established, more certificates will be added to the individual galleries.

Website … what is new… what is coming …

For March, we feature an article on an overview of mining in Virginia.  This month we begin our Virginia, General Gallery with some gold mining stock certificates.  Looking ahead, we hope to do an article and Gallery on Butte, Montana in April.

Collecting Basics….”History for the buck” …

Low priced certificates often have a lot of history.  An example is the Buffalo Hump Mining Company of Idaho.  The company is named after a mountain located in Idaho County, Idaho.  The initial discoveries were in the 1860’s and there was a big rush in 1898.  The efforts to develop a successful mine were unsuccessful since 1978 the area has been part of the Gospel-Hump Wilderness Area.  The Buffalo Hump Mining Company is interesting because it was promoted by Charles Sweeney a colorful mine operator and promoter from the Silver Valley.  The Buffalo Hump certificates are interesting and may typically be obtained for less than $10 each.

The Buffalo Hump MC certificates off some good history at a low price.

Collecting Basics….”Unsigned and Unissued” …

I always prefer issued and cancelled certificates over those that are unsigned and unissued.  The issued certificates have much more useful information.  However….I can enjoy any certificate and wait until an issued version becomes available.  The Alta Silver Mining Company from the Virginia City area of Nevada is a good example …. In fact, the lack of signature and cancellations allows the art of the certificate to come through more clearly.

The “San Francisco” style certificates are always interesting.
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