The U.S. Mining Scripophily and History Journal

February 2017, Volume 1 No. 2

The Stock and Bond Show was great …

There was a great selection, lots of dealers and lots of eager buyers.

This Stock and Bond Show was conducted at the Crown Plaza Hotel at Dulles on Friday 1/27/17 and Saturday 1/28/16.  I had a great time and picked up some wonderful items.  I enjoyed talking with the dealers.  The scripophily community lost a great friend with the passing of Clinton Hollins, a large volume dealer from Virginia.  However, we were pleased to learn that the business will continue under the leadership of Clinton’s daughter, Deborah Woody and her husband.  The business in now called Hollins Certificates.  The website is .  I had a great time talking with the dealers and I picked up a number of new pieces.

Bob Kirstein has a large on line store. Check it out at

Website … what is new… what is coming …

The website is still very much under construction.  Please continue to be patient.  This February, we feature an article on the famous Quincy Mining Company that operated in the Copper Country of Michigan.  Most of the Gallery exhibits are the same as those listed on our Facebook page: Mining Stock Certificates / Scripophily, Mining.  Our first gallery will feature the Michigan copper mines located north of Portage Lake.  This gallery will begin at the northerly end of the Keweenaw Peninsula and will work its way back to Quincy Mine overlooking Portage Lake.

Collecting Basics….”History for the buck” …

Low priced certificates often have a lot of history.  An example is the Quincy Mining Company, of Michigan.  The mine had a long productive history and today is a nationally recognized historical site.  Common varieties of certificates may be purchased in the range of $10 each.   The less common varieties can be more expensive.  The successful companies issued a lot of stock and the stock was heavily traded.  As a result, a number of certificates survive.

Certificates from the 1920 period featured the great seal of the State of Michigan.
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