The U.S. Mining Scripophily and History Journal – January 2017, Volume 1 No.1

The Stock and Bond Show is coming soon …

This Stock and Bond Show will be conducted at the Crown Plaza Hotel at Dulles on Friday 1/27/17 and Saturday 1/28/16.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet collectors from all over the U.S. and the world.  There will be many dealers and some great deals.

Website … what is new… what is coming …

The website is very much under construction.  There is a lot of mess, but we are making progress.  Much of the website is still incomplete.  Please be patient.  We hope to wave the basic format in place by the Stock and Bond Show in late January.

This we will do our first Article features the famous Quincy Mining Company that operated in the Copper Country of Michigan.  Most of the Gallery exhibits are the same as those listed on our Facebook page: Mining Stock Certificates / Scripophily, Mining.

We will be listing our first resources for studying mining history.

A headframe featured on a stock certificate ….
  • Headframe

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